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Register for an Event

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Ideally, scouts will complete a registration whether they are attending or not.  For example, if I am not going to be able to attend the Winter Cabin Campout, I should register and Decline the event.  That way, everyone will know I can't go!  Let's walk through how a scout will register for an Event.   

Registration Section

1. Log into the website

2. Access the Calendar

3. Click on the title of the event

4. Select who you are registering by clicking on the This registration is for -Select- dropdown arrow and choose Myself (since you are who is logged in)

5. Enter 1 for Spaces (since there's only one of you!)

6. Select whether you are going or not from the State dropdown menu. This is where you have choices:

  1. Unknown - Do not use. It is not helpful
  2. Confirmed - Yes I'm going!
  3. Tentative - I might be going, but I need to check.
  4. Declined - Sorry, I can't go
  5. Canceled - I was going, but something came up
  6. Attended/Did Not Attend - Don't use for registration. This is used AFTER to mark attendance so you get credit.
  7. Add notes to the Registration Comment/Note section - This could be for things that you want the Event Coordinator to know
  8. Unit - leave the Troop 84 default

Now, move the next section and complete that information

Adults/Transport Section

This section can seem more complicated, but it's not too bad.  Let's look at it through a few scenarios:

Scenario 1:  I am a scout attending an event, and my parent/guardian will not be attending.

  1. Choose No for Willing Adult
  2. Choose No for Willing Driver
  3. Click on Save Registration

Scenario 2: I am a scout attending an event, and my parent wants to help drive, but won't be staying. 

  1. Choose No for Willing Adult
  2. Choose Yes for Willing Driver
  3. Enter the Number of Seats
  4. Click on Save Registration

Finally, check your work! You will know your registration was successful if you see this page:

 And you see your name by scrolling toward the bottom on the event itself:

You are now successfully registered for the event!

 Pro Tips

  1. Talk with your family about whether or not you can attend and complete your registration as soon as possible
  2. Pay close attention to the registration deadline
  3. Ask for help if you are not sure about something
  4. If you're struggling with logging in, as an adult at the meeting to help you reset your password and test your login
  5. Ask an adult to confirm your registration on the site if you are unsure that it is complete.  They will help you.