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Leave No Trace Training Available in March, April and September

The Simon Kenton Council, BSA, and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics invite you to become a Leave No Trace Trainer! https://skcscouts.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/LNT.pdf

This course is for all Scouters and Scouts 14 years old or older. Upon successful completion of the Leave No Trace Trainer Course, each participant will become a qualified Leave No Trace Trainer.

Those who complete the course are equipped to:

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How to Create Training Records to the Troop Website


The training records report can be found in the menu system at Resources | Reports | Leadership & Training | Training Records or the direct link is:


At the top of the page there is a Add Training Record Link where you can add a record by just filling out the subsequent form. There is a field for you to upload a PDF of your training record.

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Blackfoot 39

Dear Fellow Scouter,

Are you looking for scout leader training that's fun?

Do you hate boring classroom instruction?

Do you want to learn outdoor skills hands-on from the most experienced scouters in our Council? 

If you answered "yes", you need to register for Blackfoot 39 TODAY!

Blackfoot is an enhanced training course that combines Scoutmaster/Troop Leader Fundamentals and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills. Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders graduated from Blackfoot during its 38 year history.

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Adult Training Opportunities

Scouts are regularly engaging in training and education to earn merit badges and to solidify their leadership skills.  Training for adult leaders is just as important!  Not only for safety and compliance, but to also learn more about the scouting program, gain a deep understanding of the mission, and to hone leadership skills. Here are several opportunities scout leaders and committee members may find interesting and helpful:



Troop and Crew 84 Goes to EnterTRAINment Junction!

On Dec 10th we went to EnterTRAINment Junction in Cincinnati. There was a patrol compettion which ever patrol found the most objects in there scavenger hunt won! they also had a fun house area where you could go through a mirrior maze or a black hole the owner let us go behind the scenes well actually in the scences! we got to got into the coney island area and see all the electronics and how everything worked at the end I think everyone had a great time.


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