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Adult Training Opportunities

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As Pete Carmona mentioned in his newsletter, spring training for adults IS ON! Every scout deserves a trained leader.  The training opportunities not only will help you to lead our scouts but also are a way to engage in self-development. See the information below on Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training, Woodbadge Leadership Training, and Wilderness First Aid.

Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training 

You will hear this training often referred to as S11 and S24.  You can learn more about this training here as well as access the registration pages: Simon Kenton Council offers many opportunities to engage in this training:

  • Blackfoot - Next offered the weekends of 3/20/21. 4/10/21 and 4/24/21 at Camp Lazarus
  • Greenbar - Next offered the weekends of 8/27/21, and 9/17/21 
  • Okama - Next offered the weekends of 10/9, 10/23, 11/6

This page on the Simon Kenton Council site will link you out to the information on each one: 


This site has general information about the training: Simon Kenton upcoming course offering:

Wilderness First Aid

When you participate in outdoor activities that take you more than 1 hour away from medical care, wilderness first aid provides a significant difference in survival and the effects of injuries! The Wilderness First Aid course provides an intensive 16 hours of training covering injury assessment, rescuer safety, bleeding, shock, orthopedic injuries, long term patient care, and treatment with materials at hand during practice sessions!

This course is a requirement for units traveling to a BSA National High Adventure.

*Participants must be 14 years of age or older, at the time of the course, to participate

  • February 6-7, 2021
  • March 20-21, 2021
  • April 10-11, 2021
  • May 1-2, 2021
  • June 5-6, 2021
  • August 21-22, 2021
  • September 11-12, 2021
  • October 9-10, 2021